President’s Message November 2014

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Thanks to all of the 26 Chapters that sent representatives to the 2014 3rd NPAGA Delegates Meeting and Workshop at Hidden Falls Golf Club in Meadow Lakes, Texas. And a very special thanks to the members of the Round Rock Chapter and to Moe and Elisa Garza for hosting this event. Also, thanks to the members who attended. There were nearly 100 golfers at Sunday’s outing.

Stewart Healey, President of Handicomp, held a morning and afternoon session with some of the chapter’s handicap chairmen and delegates that attended. Mr. Healey was also involved in the scoring and posting on Sunday. All members’ scores were posted to their handicap account within an hour after scores were finalized on Sunday. Eliminating the need to take the scorecards home and entering them individually.


Thanks to Victor Castillo Jr. on his presentation on the NPAGA website to the Delegates. Also, thanks to the Chapters who paid on their account and or helped reconciled differences in our Aged Receivables Report.


January 1st, 2015 has been set by Robert Poor, our National Tournament Director, as the cut-off date for using the old Minimax index. In order to compete in all NPAGA 2015 events all members must have an established index in Handicomp. Please contact Robert at if you are having problems with our new handicap system.


Congratulations to the Odessa Chapter on being awarded the 2015 NPAGA 3rd Delegate Meeting and Workshop. Thanks to the San Marcos Chapter for their bid and for their continued interest in hosting NPAGA events, we can always count on their support.


Many chapters are in the process of creating or finalizing their 2015 schedules. Please keep the following national event dates in mind when scheduling your tournaments:

NPAGA Winter Meeting in Lubbock on April 16-18, 2015
NPAGA 58th National Convention and Golf Tournament in Fort Worth on July 27-31, 2015
NPAGA 3rd Delegate Meeting and Workshop in Odessa on October 9-11, 2015

Have a great Holiday Season,


David Tovar
National President
Pan American Golf Association

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