National PAGA Rotation List

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National Tournament Rotations

2016 Oklahoma City, OK

2017 Austin, TX

2018 Corpus Christi, TX

2019 Dallas, TX

2020 Brownsville, TX

2021 Houston, TX

2022 El Paso, TX

2023 San Antonio, TX

2024 Fort Worth, TX

2025 Austin, TX

2026 Corpus Christi, TX

2027 Dallas, TX

2028 Brownsville, TX

2029 Houston, TX

2030 El Paso, TX

2031 San Antonio, TX

2032 Fort Worth, TX

Third Delegates Meeting

2014 Round Rock, TX

2015 Odessa, TX

2016 NPAGA Board / Corpus Christi, TX

Winter Meeting Rotation

2016 Harlingen, TX

2017 Brazoria County, TX

2018 Odessa, TX

2019 Alice, TX

2020 New Braunfels, TX

2021 Lockhart, TX

2022 San Angelo, TX

2023 San Marcos, TX

2024 Seguin, TX

2025 Round Rock, TX

2026 Victoria, TX

2027 Lubbock, TX

*Chapters That Have Opted Out of the National Convention Rotation List

Phoenix, AZ

Irving, TX

Oklahoma City, OK

Kansas City, KS



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