2017 National Tournament & Convention

» 2017 NPAGA Tournament Players List (PDF)
» 2017 NPAGA Tournament Flight Breakdowns, Golf Course and Tee Box Assignments (PDF)
» 2017 NPAGA Tournament & Convention Hotel Information (PDF) – UPDATED!!!

» 2017 NPAGA Tournament & Convention Hotel Information (Link)

» 2017 NPAGA Tournament & Convention Event Schedule (Excel) – UPDATED!!!

» 2017 NPAGA Tournament & Convention Registration Form (Excel) – UPDATED!!!

» 2017 NPAGA Tournament & Convention Registration Form (PDF) – UPDATED!!!

» 2017 NPAGA Juniors – Letter From Tiger Oliverez (PDF)

» 2017 NPAGA Tournament & Convention Brochure Info (PDF)

» 2017 NPAGA Junior Tournament Registration Form (Word)

» 2017 NPAGA Junior Tournament Registration Form (PDF)

» 2017 NPAGA Junior Tournament Consent and Liabilty Release Form (PDF)

12 Responses to 2017 National Tournament & Convention

  1. Evening
    I am Larry V. Notley and a member of PAGA Dallas. I am interested in having a vendors booth at the 2017 National Tournament in Austin. Please have someone to contact me about requirements.
    Thank you

    Larry V. Notley

    • I will be joining my husband at the Austin Nationals and would like to know if spouses need to pre register for the the ladies luncheon on Wednesday.

  2. I am Charlie Molina from Fort Worth , Im with the forth worth paga. Im interested in the details for Nationals tournament and hotel accommodations, please call me at 817 937 6382 . I would like to reserve my room and place in the tournament. thank youcharlie

  3. Can you post which golf courses are going to be used? I make frequent trips to Austin and would familiarize myself with our tournament courses. Thanks Henry

  4. Is there a itinerary for Nationals in Austin? Where can I locate this information? Thank you.

  5. My name is Juan Rodriguez,member of the Harlingen Texas PAGA chapter. My wife and I will be attending the Austin National Tournament in July 2017. Can you provide us
    with the Agenda on all the events, so we can plan our trip early.

  6. I frequently go to Austin and would like to know which courses will be used for the National event.

  7. I don’t see any entry forms for the national convention,am I not looking at the correct page for the info [entry fee, golf courses and flight breakdowns,etc] I and other members of the Santa Ana Chapter would like to know…Thank you and please respond…

  8. I plan to take my RV. Need to know golf course assignments.
    This would help me make a better choice of An RV Park closer to
    my assigned course.
    If this is not possible,I understand!
    Por Favor a response would be greatly appreciated.

  9. The excel form sheet is not correct, it needs to be merged. As is it does not print correctly. Thank you.

  10. Please send me a list of the
    Golf course you have for the
    Tournament. Thank you.

  11. Seeking course information.



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