2017 National PAGA Scholarship Recipients

National PAGA 2017 Scholarship Recepients

June 27, 2017

To:  All PAGA Chapter Members, Delegates, and Officers

I would like to thank all students that mailed in an overwhelming 104 applications for consideration under our 2017 NPAGA Scholarship Program.

I want to especially thank Mr. Michael Ledesma from the Corpus Christi, TX chapter for mailing in forty- eight (48) apps and Mrs. Celina Garrison from the Harlingen chapter for mailing in thirteen (13) apps from their respective zones. I am thankful for the help and effort that our local chapter delegates contributed throughout their communities in making these apps available to their high school counselor’s offices. I’m also glad to announce that this year we received an app from Florida, Georgia, Maryland, and Idaho. This means that people are noticing our www.npaga.org website nationwide. I look forward to the day that we can establish chapters within these states and beyond.

The selection process could have not been possible without the help of the following Seguin PAGA members and their wives that so graciously gave of their time after appointing them in a rather short notice. I sincerely thank them for accepting the challenge as the 2017 NPAGA Scholarship Selection Committee. The committee Consisted of:

Armando and Linda Rangel – Seguin PAGA

Peter Hernandez and Rosa Torres – Seguin PAGA

Cindy Amador – Seguin PAGA


Our 2017 NPAGA Scholarship committee selected the following recipients:

Zone 1 – Margarita Alvarez, Corpus Christi, TX

Will Attend Del Mar College – Corpus Christi, TX

Zone 2 – Cori C. Miller, Belton, TX

Currently Attending Texas State University – San Marcos, TX

Zone 3 – Haley Killinger, Prosper, TX

Will Attend Texas Tech University – Lubbock, TX

Zone 4Ronald P. Stephenson, Gooding, ID

Will Attend the University of Nevada – Las Vegas, NV

PGA Golf Management Program

Zone 5 – Madison Paxton, Carlsbad, NM

Will Attend Texas Tech University – Lubbock, TX


Congratulations to all our recipients!



Toyo Amador

National PAGA Vice President

National PAGA Scholarship Chairman – 2016 / 2017

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