2015 San Antonio Invitational

» 2015 San Antonio Invitational Flyer (Click to View Flyer)

» El Tropicano Hotel Link (Special rate with group code “PAG”)

  Please visit the San Antonio PAGA official website for detailed information and updates @ sapaga.com.


3 Responses to 2015 San Antonio Invitational

  1. Please sign me up for your Inv on 6 Sep… Fort Worth Chapter, Handicap 11.4, Network # 10307577… awaiting acknowledge… thank-you..
    my cell 817-727-5059…

  2. When will you know what handicaps will be at B and C, in case I want to do a practice round.

  3. Please include me as a participant for your Invitational on September 6. I am with the Dallas Chapter. My handicap as of 7/15 is 7.0.
    contact number is 214 435 9569


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